Rackspace Cloud Files

IMPORTANT: this destination is no longer supported.  This page is for reference only.

Rackspace Cloud Files can be used as a HashBackup destination.  Selective download allows HB to download only the parts of files that are needed for an operation, saving time, bandwidth, and perhaps download costs.

Because of the way authentication is handled, all traffic to Cloud Files uses SSL (secure sockets).

Cloud Files dest.conf Keywords

type (required)


userid (required)

Cloud Files userid

accesskey (required)

Cloud Files accesskey.  This is the password to your account, so any files containing the accesskey should be properly secured.

container (required)

Container names can be up to 256 characters and must not contain the slash character.  Use simple names with ASCII characters to avoid problems.  Container names are unique per userid, making name selection easy.


If present, the keyword value and a slash are prepended to each filename.  With dir abc/def, arc.0.0 becomes abc/def/arc.0.0.  This can be used to store multiple backups in the same container, or to keep backups separate from other files in the container.


Both the US and UK data centers are supported.  The default is US.


This keyword, true or false, indicates whether to use the internal Rackspace network to access Cloud Files.  The default is false.  The advantage of enabling this is it doesn't cost anything to download files using Servicenet, and it uses the private network rather than the public network.  This would be used for backups running on servers within the Rackspace network, backing up to Cloud Files.

Cloud Files Example

destname mycloudfiles

type cf

userid jim

accesskey f58ca1ed3304820898789a458e41f413

container HashBackup

dir dir1/subdir