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Checks to see if an upgrade to the HashBackup executable is available and optionally installs the new version.

$ hb upgrade [-n] [--force]

With no options, the upgrade command will check the upgrade servers to see if a newer version of HashBackup is available and will display the change log.  The change log explains changes made since the version you are currently running.  Upgrade will then ask if you want to install this new version.  If not, it exits.  If you do want to install, it downloads the executable from the HashBackup LLC upgrade servers, verifies the file signature to ensure authenticity, and installs the new version, renaming the current executable as hb.bak.

The -n option performs all of these steps, including the download and signature verify, but does not replace the hb executable.

With the --force option, upgrade performs all steps and does not ask for confirmation before installing the new version.  This is typically used in a cron job to periodically download and automatically install upgrades.  A reasonable period to check for upgrades is every week.  Adding >/dev/null with the --force option will prevent a cron email every time you use the upgrade command and there is no upgrade available; instead, an email will only be sent when an upgrade occurs, and it will contain the change log.

To ensure the program you are downloading is an authentic version of HashBackup, the download package is signed with a private key during the build process.  The upgrade command uses the matching public key to verify the file signature.  This makes it nearly impossible for upgrade to install a corrupt or fake version of HashBackup.