During backups, HashBackup creates a database and one or more backup archive files in the backup directory specified by -c, or in ~/hashbackup if -c isn't used.  Your backup can also be sent to remote destinations in addition to the local backup directory by creating a dest.conf file.  :ocal backup space can be limited with the cache-size-limit config option.

The dest.conf text file describes a list of destinations, usually offsite, to receive additional copies of the backup.  The dest.conf file is created in the -c backup directory with a text editor, using these notes as a guide.  If there is no dest.conf file, HashBackup will store your backup only in the -c directory.

To store your backup only in remote destinations, setup dest.conf and then use the hb config command to set cache-size-limit to the amount of space you want to use locally as an archive cache.  See hb config for more information about cache-size-limit.