Download HashBackup with the links below. It is ready to run when the tar file is expanded with tar -xzf hb-*.gz, making it easy to test drive. It is statically linked, other than standard system libraries like libc, so there is no need to change or install system software or dependencies.

For existing HashBackup installations, use the Upgrade command to download and install the latest version.


The links below are installers or "boot binaries". The installer runs like the actual HashBackup program, but the first run contacts the upgrade server, downloads the current version, verifies the download with an RSA4096 signature, overwrites the installer, then re-runs itself with the original command line. Installers make it easy to create automated deployments of HashBackup.


  • Each installer is under 3MB

  • On Linux, an immediate error -bash: /usr/local/bin/hb: No such file or directory occurs if the wrong version (32-bit vs 64-bit) of HashBackup is installed for your system.

  • On NixOS, use $ steam-run $HOME/.local/bin/hb

  • The SHA1 of each .tar.gz file to verify your download with OpenSSL:

    # openssl sha1 hb-*
    SHA1(hb-mac-64bit.tar.gz)= 5bb18a47cecbf425f5611e8de3d26e6df39e998a
    SHA1(hb-bsd-64bit.tar.gz)= aedb3048062009f580f90fa6f385caef74fdedc1
    SHA1(hb-linux-32bit.tar.gz)= e4f5ffea91d437e22279b89f2c39744205507a9f
    SHA1(hb-linux-64bit.tar.gz)= 566d196823f28ec6ace4c296770aa1cd8d6a1715
  • For browsers that automatically expand the .gz file after download, the SHA1 of the .tar files without .gz:

    # openssl sha1 hb-*
    SHA1(hb-bsd-64bit.tar)= e99b40f2fac3badc6998b7b18fadd338bb6dcb04
    SHA1(hb-linux-32bit.tar)= ff05608f5b5a9c8af8aa6b3f68ca0f672062719c
    SHA1(hb-linux-64bit.tar)= e643c1ffcac1edafd6efb56af9f3c73bb815e76f
    SHA1(hb-mac-64bit.tar)= 86476a19768b1bafc8e5e3abddf5711b6714b59d
  • HashBackup is not available to users covered by the GDPR as compliance with the GDPR hasn’t been verified and there isn’t an extra €10M (the minimum fine) if a committee says it was violated.

Click a link below to download the HashBackup installer



BSD 64-bit


Linux 32-bit


Linux 64-bit


Mac OSX 10.6.8 and up



After downloading the installer, register below. This helps prioritize HashBackup’s development based on customers' usage and makes it possible to contact you about important issues.

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